Cardboard Recycling

Interesting Facts About Cardboard Recycling

In today’s world, many people are concerned with protecting the environment. This is especially true when it comes to recycling, which has gained popularity in communities across the United States. However, when most people think of items and materials to recycle, their thoughts turn to metal, newspaper, and plastic. Yet while it’s great to recycle these materials, cardboard recycling can also pay off in numerous ways. To find out more about the basics of cardboard recycling, here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know.
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Requires Less Energy
Surprisingly, it takes far less energy for cardboard recycling than it does to create brand-new cardboard. On average, it takes 75 percent less energy than when making new cardboard. And along with this, the Cardboard Recycling Services at AB Recycling process leads to fewer emissions of sulfur dioxide that’s produced when making pulp from trees.

Recycle Your Moving Boxes
While most people use cardboard boxes when they move to a new home, the vast majority of people fail to recycle these boxes. Instead, they simply toss them into the trash, which is a tremendous waste of resources. However, by deciding to do cardboard recycling, they can make a major impact on conserving natural resources. Since an average move requires 60 cardboard boxes, and the average person makes 11 moves over the course of their lifetime, that adds up to 660 cardboard boxes that may never get recycled. However, for those hardy souls who choose to do cardboard recycling, the environmental impact can be tremendous. For starters, seven trees are saved from being cut down, and 3,080 gallons of water are also saved. And for those into energy conservation, cardboard recycling of these boxes saves 18,480 kilowatts of energy.

What Kind of Cardboard Can be Recycled?
While people may assume all types of cardboard can be recycled, that’s not the case. Generally, cardboard that is dry and free of stains or food is able to be recycled. However, cardboard that is wet usually cannot be recycled, since it will clog the automatic sorting machines that are found at many recycling centers. Along with this, cardboard boxes that contained pizzas are also not good candidates for recycling, since they usually have grease or food stains that have soaked into the cardboard.

What Else Can I Do?
If you’re interested in doing as much cardboard recycling as possible, there are certain things you can do to make this happen. For starters, don’t get complacent about your recycling efforts, and make sure you immediately break down a box and put it with your other materials to be recycled. And don’t worry about trying to remove tape and labels from the boxes, since this will be done at the recycling facility.

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